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Access Token

Generate an access token using your app's consumer key and consumer secret and test away !

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Payment APIs

Enable customer to manage payments, beneficiaries , billers and more

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E- Collect API

Accept seamless bulk payments from your customers , suppliers and more by generating on demand unique virtual accounts with easy reconcilliation

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Account APIs

Instantly access your customers' account details and transaction history to provide superior service

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Card APIs

Access debit card & credit card transaction data of your customers to understand their spend behavior , who they interact with and more

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Manage your customer life cycle from onboarding to capture cross-sell/up-sell opportunities and registering their service requests

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Benefits of Our APIs

Safe environment

Safe & Secure developer platform to help you test your APIs without any worry.

Write Less Code

Simple to use and endlessly scalable APIs so you spend more time on product improvements 

Build & Deploy in a flash

Concurrent testing and development to fast track app development cycles and reduce time to market